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The deep roots of Trump's "voter fraud" strategy


President Trump even declared "fraud" while still counting votes-the development of a strategy would take at least a few months. In the early hours of a cold November morning in Connecticut, after a long night shift, 49-year-old Candy Yiugg was in her bed. She immediately unlocked her phone-like most nights, and started scrolling through social media feeds. But this is different-it was election night. The result is still up in the air. Candy rolled, catching up with the news that night, while waiting for her favorite candidate to speak out. After 1 am, he did:

Tweets and democracy 

Research by the BBC’s anti-disinformation department shows that false information about voter fraud has been repeatedly stuffed into influential accounts on social media for several months. It comes from the top. President Trump began posting allegations of Twitter fraud as early as April.

This is not a new topic. Mr. Trump made the claim that election fraud came back in 2016-after he won the election. 

But this time, there is evidence that more and more people have seen unfounded statements on social media throughout the past few weeks. Candy is just one of them. Thousands of people have joined the large Facebook group under the "Stop Stealing" banner.

Where does #StoptheSteal come from? 

On election night, after the first of many misleading videos about voter fraud became popular, the hashtag #StoptheSteal sprung up on Twitter. The video showed that a pollster was denied entry to the Philadelphia polling station. It has nearly 2 million views on Twitter and is shared by multiple pro-Trump accounts. Soon after the video was released, we conducted an investigation. The officials asked the distinctive man to wait outside-a woman told him that his voting certificate was invalid at that particular polling station.

The video is real, and it turns out that the woman is wrong. The rules are confusing. In the past, only polling investigators were allowed to access specific sites in Philadelphia, but now they can visit multiple sites throughout the city. The situation was later clarified, and the man was later allowed to enter the station and apologized. Of course, none of this is reflected in the video-hashtags have become popular.

they lived happily ever after! Jennifer Lawrence

they lived happily ever after! Jennifer Lawrence -  is “loving life as a newlywed” with husband Cooke Maroney, a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “She has been enjoying some downtime and loves soaking in the city with her hubby.”

Despite Jennifer’s status as a bonafide A-lister, she and Cooke, 34, are committed to making the most out of their surroundings. “One of their favorite things to do together is to explore all the great restaurants in NYC,” adds the insider (pre-coronavirus, naturally). “Jennifer loves living in New York because she feels like she just blends in and can be ‘normal.’ She and Cooke go out almost every night!”

The Red Sparrow actress, 29, and art dealer tied the knot in October 2019 surrounded by their closest friends and family. “She and Cooke made it official on October 19 with a star-studded celebration at the palatial Belcourt mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, and it was a fairytale come true,” a separate source told Life & Style at the time. “Their vows were so sweet and emotional. Jennifer was close to tears as were some of the guests.”

Once vows were exchanged, however, it was time to party! “The reception, on the other hand, was wild,” the insider dished. “After being treated to a lavish spread including wood-roasted fish and leg of beef, smoked pork belly, salt cod, beignets and homemade S’mores, the couple and their loved ones did shots and partied until 5:30 a.m.”

The gorgeous bride was “dancing with everyone,” the source said, adding that she “looked tired by the end of it, but so, so, happy.” Clearly, The Hunger Games alum found her Prince Charming. “She knew pretty quickly that Cooke was The One,” a third source told Life & Style after the pair got engaged in February 2019. “His family adores her and vice versa.”

Coronavirus: A visual guide to the economic impact

Coronavirus : A visual guide to the economic impact - The coronavirus flare-up, which started in China, has contaminated in excess of 200,000 individuals. Its spread has left organizations around the globe checking costs.

Here are ten key maps and diagrams to assist you with understanding the financial effect of the infection up until now.

Worldwide offers endure a shot

Huge moves in securities exchanges, where partakes in organizations are purchased and sold, can influence numerous interests in benefits or individual investment accounts (ISAs).

The FTSE, Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nikkei have all observed immense falls since the flare-up started on 31 December.

Chart showing Stock Market trends since the COVID-19 outbreak - 19 March

The Dow and the FTSE have seen their greatest one day decays since 1987.

Speculators dread the spread of the coronavirus will devastate monetary development and that administration activity may not be sufficient to stop the decay.

Accordingly, national banks in numerous nations have cut loan fees.

That should, in principle, make acquiring less expensive and urge spending to help the economy.

The US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England are among those to slice financing costs.

Travel among hardest hit

Map showing countries with travel restrictions - 19 March
The movement business has been gravely harmed, with aircrafts cutting flights and sightseers dropping excursions for work and occasions.

Governments around the globe have acquainted travel limitations with attempt to contain the infection.

The EU is forbidding voyagers from outside the coalition for 30 days in an exceptional move to seal its fringes in the midst of the coronavirus emergency.

In the US, the Trump organization has set limitations on air traffic to and from Europe.

Information from investigation firm ForwardKeys for the period up to 8 March shows universal flights booked from the US were behind by 37% in examination with a similar period in 2019.

UK travel industry specialists have communicated worries about Chinese voyagers being kept at home. There were 415,000 visits from China to the UK in the a year to September 2019, as indicated by VisitBritain. Chinese voyagers likewise burn through multiple times more on a normal visit to the UK at £1,680 each.

Clients purchasing less

Dread of the infection and government exhortation to remain at home is likewise devastatingly affecting inns and eateries.

Processing plants in China eased back down

In China, where the coronavirus first showed up, modern creation, deals and speculation all fell in the initial two months of the year, contrasted and a similar period in 2019.

China makes up 33% of assembling comprehensively, and is the world's biggest exporter of products.

China's modern log jam has even been obvious from space.

Nasa said contamination observing satellites had identified a critical drop in nitrogen dioxide over the nation. Proof recommends that is "in any event halfway" because of the financial stoppage brought about by the flare-up.

Limitations have influenced the stock chains of enormous organizations, for example, mechanical gear maker JCB and carmaker Nissan.

Shops and vehicle sales centers have all announced a fall sought after.

Chinese vehicle deals, for instance, dropped by 92% during the principal half of February. More carmakers, similar to Tesla or Geely, are presently selling vehicles online as clients avoid showrooms.

Significantly 'more secure' speculations hit

At the point when an emergency hits, financial specialists frequently pick less dangerous ventures.

Gold is customarily viewed as a "place of refuge" for interest in the midst of vulnerability.

Until March the cost of gold expanded. Be that as it may, presently, with financial specialists progressively dreadful about a worldwide downturn, even the cost of gold has tumbled.

In like manner, oil has drooped to its most minimal cost since June 2001.

Financial specialists dread that the worldwide spread of the infection will additionally hit the worldwide economy and interest for oil.

The oil cost had just been influenced by a line between Opec, the gathering of oil makers, and Russia. Coronavirus has driven the cost down further.

Development could stagnate

In the event that the economy is developing, that for the most part implies more riches and all the more new openings.

It's deliberate by taking a gander at the rate change in total national output, or the estimation of merchandise and enterprises delivered, regularly more than a quarter of a year or a year.

The world's economy could develop at its slowest rate since 2009 this year due to the coronavirus flare-up, as indicated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The research organization has conjecture development of only 2.4% in 2020, down from 2.9% in November.

It additionally said that a "more drawn out enduring and progressively concentrated" episode could divide development to 1.5% in 2020 as plants suspend their movement and laborers remain at home to attempt to contain the infection.

Singapore Airlines to reduce flight capacity by 50%, expects further cuts to capacity

Singapore Airlines to reduce flight capacity by 50%, expects further cuts to capacity

Singapore Airlines decrease flight limit by 50 % - Singapore Airlines (SIA) is cutting flights over its system as more nations force fringe limitations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Singapore Airlines is suspending extra administrations over its system in the midst of a remarkable time in the carrier business," it said in a news discharge on Tuesday (Mar 17).

With the suspensions, SIA will work just 50 percent of its booked limit up to the finish of April.

"Given the developing size of the fringe controls all inclusive and its extending sway on air travel, SIA hopes to make further slices to its ability," the carrier said.

The organization is "effectively finding a way" to develop its liquidity and will counsel associations as it makes additionally cost-cutting strides, it included.

Chief Goh Choon Phong said it won't be practical for SIA to keep up its present system as it "lost a lot of (their) traffic in a brief timeframe".

"Depend on it – we anticipate that the pace of this crumbling should quicken. The SIA Group must be set up for a drawn out time of trouble," he included.

Subtleties of the suspended flights will be reported on Wednesday. Tickets for influenced flights will be changed over to an open ticket that solitary should be finished by Mar 31, 2021, SIA said.

Clients can give their subtleties on a structure on the Singapore Airlines site when they have affirmed their new itinerary items, after which they will be reached by client support specialists.

The bearer reported throughout the end of the week that it will postpone rebooking expenses for tickets gave at the very latest Mar 15.

This comes hours after Singapore extended its movement limitations to incorporate explorers who have visited ASEAN nations, UK, Japan and Switzerland.

Elon Musk's brother wants to transform farming

Elon Musk's brother wants to transform farming - Plant-based nourishments are extremely popular at the present time, and vertical ranches are profiting by the pattern.

Vertical cultivating is an indoor cultivating strategy in which yields are developed in stacked layers, frequently without soil. The training is getting progressively well known and significant as urban populaces develop drastically and accessible farmland diminishes.

While vertical cultivating is certainly not another idea, these eco-accommodating indoor homesteads are currently quickly growing.

Elon Musk's more youthful sibling, Kimbal Musk, who was named "Worldwide Social Entrepreneur" of the year by the World Economic Forum in 2017, began Square Roots, an indoor urban cultivating organization situated in Brooklyn, in 2016. Square Roots' crucial to bring new, nearby nourishment to urban communities around the globe by enabling more youthful ages to take an interest in urban cultivating.

"At the point when I was a child, the main way I could get my family to plunk down and associate was by preparing the dinner," Musk, prime supporter and official administrator of Square Roots, revealed to CNN Business in an email.

Kimbal Musk teaches students how to plant a vegetable garden in California.

"Engaging with the web, particularly in the late 90's, was energizing and I wouldn't transform anything about those encounters, however my enthusiasm has consistently been nourishment," Musk said. "The minute Elon and I sold Zip2, our first web organization, I realized I needed to seek after nourishment and become a prepared gourmet specialist." He moved to New York and selected at the International Culinary Center.

Musk said the organization intends to open a Square Roots "Super Farm" — with 25 atmosphere controlled transporting compartments, cold stockpiling, biosecurity framework and everything else expected to run a vertical homestead at scale — in under a quarter of a year.

Since its initiation, Square Roots has developed in excess of 120 assortments of yields, including greens, vegetables and strawberries.

The organization isn't the first of its sort. New businesses like Silicon Valley's Plenty, which was established in 2013 and is upheld by Jeff Bezos, are likewise starting to rule the space.

"Naturalists, urban ranchers, engineers, agronomists, and general wellbeing specialists, among others, have been joining this smaller than normal transformation as they accomplice to work out an approach to rescue a nourishment rare, ultra-urbanized future," Kheir Al-Kodmany, a teacher of reasonable urban plan at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said in a report.

It includes different strategies, for example, hydroponics, which utilizes mineral supplement arrangements in a water dissolvable; aquaponics, which utilizes oceanic animals -, for example, fish and snails - and develops plants in water; and aeroponics, which develops plants noticeable all around.

With respect to work creation, fast environmental change will make a large number of customary ranchers bankrupt, yet vertical ranchers won't be influenced, as indicated by microbiologist Dickson Despommier, an emeritus teacher of open and natural wellbeing at Columbia University.

Albeit vertical cultivating was first presented in the mid 1900s, it was as of late promoted by Despommier. Over 20 years prior, he started training a class at Columbia called Medical Ecology.

Despommier went through 10 years developing yields inside with his understudies. "Ten years back, there were no vertical homesteads," he stated, taking note of that LED develop lights have immeasurably improved cultivating effectiveness in the course of the most recent five years, making indoor becoming less expensive and increasingly solid.

Basil growing at the Square Roots farm in Brooklyn.

"Individuals need nearby nourishment since they've lost trust in the mechanical nourishment framework that ships in unhealthy, low supplement nourishment from a huge number of miles away with little straightforwardness regarding who developed the nourishment and how," said Peggs, the Square Roots CEO.

Simultaneously, the total populace is developing and urbanizing quickly. Peggs said environmental change is compromising existing supplies of nourishment, constraining the business to make sense of better approaches to develop nourishment rapidly.

Peggs is hopeful about fund-raising for vertical cultivating. "A great deal of savvy cash and capital is entering the space," he said. "The nature of nourishment that would now be able to be created in these indoor frameworks is in any event comparable to the best natural field developed nourishment you can purchase."

Despommier said that urban communities will in the end have the option to develop "everything they can eat" from indoor ranches situated inside city limits. "On the off chance that an open air ranch falls flat, the rancher needs to hold up until one year from now to begin once more, he said. "Indoor homesteads flop as well, yet the indoor rancher can begin again inside weeks."

Dirty Money : The Case against using cash during the coronavirus outbreak

Dirty Money : The Case against using cash during the coronavirus outbreak - The progressing spread of coronavirus is compelling establishments around the globe to reevaluate one especially germy surface that most customers contact each day: money.

On Friday, South Korea's national bank said it was removing all banknotes from course for about fourteen days - and consuming a few - to diminish the spread of the infection, as indicated by Reuters. It chases after China's huge activity profound cleaning possibly tainted money with bright light and high temperatures, and at times, wrecking it. The treated money originates from high-hazard contamination regions, for example, medical clinics.

In the mean time, the Louver exhibition hall in Paris this week prohibited money in the midst of the flare-up. Its choice to acknowledge just charge card installments was a piece of a push to cause staff members to feel progressively good about coming back to work, as indicated by the Associated Press.

The worries over money come as the worldwide number of individuals contaminated by the coronavirus approaches 100,000, generally in China. The flare-up may simply drive up appropriation of portable installments, a more current innovation that has since quite a while ago trailed behind money in the US, as per Aaron Press of research firm IDC.

Portable and contactless installments alternatives run from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, where customers use cell phones or smartwatches to pay in stores, to charge cards with a NFC chip, permitting customers to hold them close to a peruser to pay.

"It bodes well for what reason they'd need to utilize a telephone or card in a contactless situation, particularly where no mark is required as a feature of the procedure and you don't need to contact the terminal," Press said.

A few organizations have just reached flawed surfaces. Starbucks briefly suspended the utilization of individual cups and tumblers at its North American stores and Instacart turned out doorstep conveyance that doesn't require human contact.

In any case, the Louver's push to check the trading of physical money could conflict with the Bank of France's position on expecting organizations to acknowledge money. Simultaneously, numerous urban areas in the US - including New York City, San Francisco and the province of New Jersey - have likewise passed enactment to require money acknowledgment, as a huge number of Americans don't have ledgers or charge cards. (Money remains the most every now and again utilized type of installment in the US, speaking to about 30% everything being equal, as per the Federal Reserve.)

"There is no uncertainty we go microorganisms through money," Paul Matewele, a senior speaker in microbiology at London Metropolitan University, disclosed to CNN Business. "[Studies show] various things we could never have thought would be available."

As per a recent report led in New York City, analysts discovered microorganisms living on the outside of money, going from mouth and vaginal microbes to influenza like infections. The World Health Organization suggests washing your hands subsequent to taking care of cash, particularly before eating nourishment.

What's more, Mastercards aren't really any progressively clean: Microorganisms can move to Mastercards in comparative manners and retail location terminals are utilized by various individuals.

Organizations can eliminate contact by not requiring a mark at checkout, as indicated by Press. In low-esteem buys - think an espresso and a sandwich - a mark includes no obvious misrepresentation insurance. "Much of the time, you are getting paperwork done for things you don't really need to sign for," he included.

China is now well into turning into a cashless society in spite of the episode. As indicated by eMarketer, almost half of China's populace utilized portable installments to make buys in the second quarter of 2019. QR code installment stages, including WeChat and AliPay, have additionally demonstrated fruitful and portable and contactless installment arrangement suppliers are venturing into different markets, including mass travel, said Phil Sealy, a computerized security look into executive at ABI Research.

One authority at the People's Bank of China supposedly said a month ago that China would twofold down on portable installments to stay away from superfluous human contact.

Albeit a few customers could discover more solace in embracing contactless and portable arrangements, Matewele of London Metropolitan University said customers must be persevering about keeping telephones clean, as well.

"It is hard to know the bacterial burden on our hands as we handle our [cash and cards]. I assume as individuals move to electronic exchanges, the hazard is decreased. Be that as it may, we despite everything utilize our telephones [for portable payments] subsequent to contacting a few surfaces," said Matewele.

Notwithstanding washing your hands in the wake of contacting cash, different types of insurance incorporate utilizing antibacterial or infant wipes to clean telephones and charge cards, and conveying your own pen to sign receipts.

Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway's boards

Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway's boards

In an official statement Friday, Microsoft reported that its 64-year-old prime supporter was leaving its load up to "devote more opportunity to his charitable needs."

"It's been an enormous respect and benefit to have worked with and gained from Bill throughout the years," Mirosoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a composed explanation. "Microsoft will keep on profiting by Bill's progressing specialized enthusiasm and counsel to drive our items and administrations forward. I am appreciative for Bill's kinship and anticipate proceeding to work close by him to understand our main goal to engage each individual and each association on the planet to accomplish more."

Entryways will keep filling in as innovation consultant to Nadella and other Microsoft pioneers, the organization said.

Independently in a SEC documenting, Berkshire Hathaway said previous American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault would supplant Gates, who has served on Berkshire's board since 2004.

Chenault at the same time is leaving Facebook's directorate, the organization affirmed Friday. The 68-year-old has served on Facebook's board since 2018, after his retirement as executive and CEO administrator and CEO of AMEX.

In a composed proclamation posted on Facebook's site Friday, Chenault said serving on Berkshire Hathaway's load up and working intimately with his companion, Berkshire CEO Warren Buffett, is "a once in a blue moon opportunity."

"I likewise accept great corporate administration involves constraining the quantity of board duties for any chief," Chenault said.

With an expected total assets of over $100 billion, Gates is the second most extravagant individual on the planet after Amazon's Jeff Bezos, as indicated by the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. He has taken a shot at worldwide wellbeing, modern improvement and training activities through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since progressing out of everyday obligations at Microsoft in 2008.

Doors' job as seat of Microsoft's board finished in 2014. He intends to accomplish more work to handle environmental change, as per the organization.